Apogee has sold the DDX® Technology to Sigmatel.
DDX® Controllers and DDX® Power Devices provide an all-digital, high efficiency amplifier IC solution. The design utilizes Apogee's DDX technology to provide high quality audio power without the need for an external heat sink. This surface mount solutions include digital preamplifier functionality and full amplifier protection circuitry.
DDXi™ solutions are the world's first fully integrated, all-digital, high power audio amplifiers that include a complete set of digital audio processing features. DDXi solutions combine Apogee's patented DDX® amplification with a powerful audio processor in a single IC. These one-chip solutions significantly reduce system cost, size and complexity by eliminating the need for a separate audio processor, digital to analog converter and amplifier chips.
DDX® Controllers offer audio processing power, superior intelligence and full multi-channel functionality. DDX® Controllers are ideally suited for a platform approach so that designs can be made once for a product line using different power device configurations.
Apogee's extensive selection of DDX® industry standard options provide the broadest set of configuration possibilities to suit a wide range of audio applications.
Reference Design Solutions are complete, ready made, drop-in PC board designs that allow for quick and easy implementation of a complete multi-channel DDX® Controller and Power Device amplification solution into finished products.
Evaluation Board amplifiers showcase Apogee's all-digital high efficiency DDX® technology. The boards feature DDX® Controllers and DDX® Power Devices, which provide full digital audio preamplifier functions and power amplification.
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